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Inheriting an IRA?

Pay Attention to IRS Rules


If you inherit an IRA from a family member, be aware of the complex IRS rules that surround this account transfer. The requirements give your inherited IRA the potential to continue growing on a tax...

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Getting on Board

How to Establish an Advisory Board for Your Growing Business


Advisory boards can provide businesses with a distinct advantage over their competition. This is particularly true for start-ups and family run businesses that often face complex decisions, requiring...

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4 Ways 529 Plans Offer Big Benefits Under the New Tax Law


Tax-advantaged 529 education savings plans, one of the most popular college savings vehicles, have grown more flexible as they can now be used to fund K-12 education...

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Simplify Estate Planning by Naming Vehicle Beneficiaries


If your state allows it, you may want to name a transfer-on-death (TOD) beneficiary for vehicles you own, such as cars, trucks or small boats. This allows vehicles to be transferred to the beneficiaries...

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Always Carry Your ‘Knife’

How to Survive an Anaconda Attack


Sometimes our natural reaction to a threat is not the best one. While flight can serve us well in certain situations, when it comes to a market correction or even a full-fledged bear market, flight ...

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Don't Be Caught Legally Blind!

When Your Child Goes Off to College


Commencement signals the beginning of a new start for graduating high school seniors. As proud parents, we replay 18 years of memories, time invested, experience and love as we tried our best to prepare...

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Divorce and Your Money

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFATM) can help you avoid many common financial pitfalls with pre-divorce financial counseling.


After his divorce, David went to a financial adviser to determine how to best position his assets. Together, David and his planner decided to do a total financial plan for him. During the planning session...

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Manage Risk in Your Portfolio


To most people, ‘risk’ evokes negative images — driving faster than the speed limit, placing bets on ‘a long shot’ or traveling alone to unfamiliar places. Mention risk...

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Avoiding Mistakes in Evaluating Investment Managers


Everyone wants big returns and everyone wants to beat the “benchmark” as way of saying my money is working well for me. While benchmarks have become center stage in investment analysis as...

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