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How 401k ProsperityTM Creates Simplicity in a Complex WorldTM

At 401(k) ProsperityTM, our singular goal is aligned with yours—to help place your employees in the best possible position to enjoy retirement on their terms.

Expertise. Insight. Clarity.

In a competitive marketplace where all companies have access to the same financial solutions, Expertise, Insight, and Clarity separate the highest quality advisory firms from the average. 401(k) ProsperityTM seeks to deliver on these tenets through an approach that transcends mechanical solutions, traditional methodologies, and a stuffy and impersonal corporate approach—to bring a distinctly human touch to retirement planning that leads to genuine understanding, enthusiasm, and motivation on the part of your employees.

Real people. Real answers. Real results.

Not only does 401(k) ProsperityTM serve as an extension of your internal team, we help make your life easier by helping to coordinate multiple aspects of the plan while providing:

  • Advice that is timely, relevant, and actionable to you and your team members

  • The benefit of multiple perspectives, collective expertise, and continuity from a team with deep experience in all aspects of retirement planning

  • Experienced assistance and coordination of your TPA and other plan service providers, based on your needs and preferences

  • Shared fiduciary accountability with respect to investments, as well as ongoing fiduciary guidance and training

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